Johari Window #New Delhi

The Johari Window is a framework widely used by behavioural scientists to explore various aspects of the self and the relationship you have with significant others –whether your colleagues, friends and family. In the workplace it is used as a tool to explore leadership, personal effectiveness and interpersonal skills.

The first names of the two scientists who developed the framework, Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, combined to form the word JOHARI.



To gain an understanding of the model and explore our own behaviours when placed in an unknown situation we first played an inme game called Blind Rope. Piyush, Parinita, Anantya and Matteo were blind folded and moved around to a new position to disorientate them. A rope was then placed around them – touching some and not others. Their task was to make a square with the rope while blind folded.

This is what ensued….

Someone took on the position of leading others. Some followed. One person disagreed. Another was not able to share the picture they had in their own mind of how to make the square with the others. There was some frustration – why don’t you understand what I’m saying! This method of counting steps is not working. What!!! You didn’t tie the two ends of the rope! We need to start again…


In the end the team did get there … we made a square 🙂

We then explored the Johari Window model where we explored the Shared Self, the Hidden Self, our Blind Spots, and the Unkown self – where potential lies.

The link below takes you through the model – do have a detailed read to discover the four windows to yourself.

To use the Johari Model to grow it is important to increase the area of the Shared Self by soliciting feedback (to overcome your blindspots) and by sharing and being open (vulnerability and honesty increases trust with others).

The larger the area of the shared self the more likely you are to be aware of your own behaviours, attitudes, leadership style and interpersonal skills. You are more likely to step into the unknown and discover your potential!

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